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Improving systems of care

We believe that advancing the care of hospitalized neurology patients involves excellence in research, patient safety, and quality of care.

Our faculty have funded research programs to investigate a wide spectrum of neurologic disorders and topics related to inpatient neurologic care including delirium, seizures, stroke, and disparities in the delivery of neurologic care nationally. We care deeply about building a hospital environment that ensures patients and their families feel heard and receive the highest quality of care, working in tandem with a large multidisciplinary group of researchers. We play a critical role in patient safety and quality improvement initiatives for neurology inpatients at UCSF Health, and our faculty led the way in developing national inpatient and emergency neurology quality metrics that are widely implemented. The neurohospitalist model of care developed here at UCSF serves as an example for other programs around the country and most importantly, keeps the patient at the center of our care team.

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